What is the Association of Running Clubs (ARC) ?

ARC is a not for profit company. It is registered at Companies House (Company No 6040264). It is a company limited by guarantee and is entirely owned by its members.

Who are the Committee Members ?  The current  Committee of the Association are Rod Baron, Brian Cruickshank, Richard Dajda, Selina Da Silva,Tony Martin, Dick Meredith, and Michael White. All officers and 80% of committee members are appointed by the members of ARC at the AGM.

Neil May was co-opted on to the committee in June 2023'

Who may affiliate to ARC ? ARC is an affiliating body for clubs and associations whose principal activity is road and/or cross country and/or fell and/or trail running and/or walking (i.e. all the non stadia disciplines). Clubs whose principal activity is track and field athletics can affiliate to ARC if they cater for road running activities.


What benefits are provided by ARC to its members ? ARC have a comprehensive civil liability policy with sports insurance specialist brokers Howden Insurance Brokers Ltd. The cover is similar to that provided to the other 280 sports governing bodies for which Howden Insurance Brokers Ltd act as brokers.  (See summary of insurance cover)

The policy covers races organised by affiliated clubs and affiliated organisations. These races require a permit which will be issued by ARC following receipt of a satisfactory
 Permit Application Form. This can be downloaded from the ARC website.

As part of this process Race Organisers must confirm that their race will comply with certain standards.

ARC will also provide advice and assistance to its members and undertake other tasks as required by its membership.


Does ARC charge unattached levies on races organised by ARC members?  

ARC supports the continuation of an unattached levy clubs stage the majority of road races in this country and ARC believes it is right that non club runners should contribute to the club structure that underpins this activity. ARC acts in the interests of clubs and therefore requires its permitted races to charge a 2 Unattached levy on all race entrants who are not members of either ARC or UK Athletics affiliated clubs. Under its flat rate permit fees, ARC does not receive any portion of the unattached levies. The full amount benefits the club/organisation which stages the race.



Are members of ARC affiliated clubs required to pay unattached levies in races organised under UKAthletics permits ?

UK Athletics, in its Permit arrangements, has dispensed with the concept of the Unattached Runner levy and has replaced it with a discounted entry fee for UKA Registered Runners thus penalising many club runners. To receive the discounted race entry fee, a runner has to be registered with UKA so being a member of a UKA affiliated club does not get you the discount. Members of ARC affiliated clubs are in the same situation.

Conversely the lower entry fee in ARC permitted races is available to all members of affiliated clubs (ARC or UKA).

These contrasting arrangements reflect the importance that ARC attaches to clubs and the Club structure in the sport.


What about young people and vulnerable adults ? The very wide insurance cover negotiated by ARC includes cover for clubs, their managers and governors against legal liability claims following alleged abuse of young people and vulnerable adults. However this cover will not protect any club or person who has failed to comply with  the provisions of the ARC Protection Policy for Young and Vulnerable People. This policy is displayed on the ARC website under Welfare.


What is the cost of affiliation to ARC?


Affiliation fees to ARC are calculated in bands dependent on the number of members in a club at the end of its last completed financial year. Please note this includes all members of a club regardless of whether or not they compete.

Membership fees applicable to the period 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023


No of members

Affiliation fee

No of members

Affiliation fee

No of members

Affiliation fee

20 or less


21 to 40


41 to 60


61 to 80


81 to 100 


101 to 120 


121 to 140


141 to 160


161 to 180


181 to 200


201 to 225


226 to 250


251 to 275


276 to 300


301 to 325


326 to 350


351 to 375


376 to 400


401 to 425


426 to 450


451 to 475


476 to 500


501 to 525


526 to 550


551 to 575


576 to 600





Over 600 members add 1.00 to 585 for each additional member over 600

Note: ARC will not require any personal details of your club members