- Community Amateur Sports Clubs  (CASC) -

Background Information

Running clubs should be aware that tax could have an impact on their affairs.
It is not widely understood that sports clubs enjoy no special exemptions from tax. Often therefore, unexpected tax liabilities arise and opportunities to minimise tax are lost.

The main taxes which running clubs should be concerned with are:-

  • Corporation tax or income and capital gains
  • PAYE
  • VAT

The following are likely to be taxable:-

  • Investment income e.g. bank or building society interest
  • Income from property
  • Income from third parties (e.g. sponsorship income)
  • Income from fund raising activities e.g. sporting events such as races, social evenings, raffles etc
  • Profits on the sale of capital assets

One relatively simple and effective way for a running club to reduce tax liabilities is to become a CASC (Community amateur Sports Club)



HM Revenue & Customs: Community Amateur Sports Clubs: Guidance Notes

http://www.cascinfo.co.uk/        The definitive guide

Sample Running Club Constitution for a CASC application