The Association of Running Clubs (ARC) require that all volunteers who may work with young people under 18 years of age or vulnerable adults undertake a DBS check.

DBS checks need to be updated every 3 years

We have a very simple procedure for these checks

1 Contact Michael White ARC Secretary 19 Sheephouse Green, Wotton, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6QW email secretary@runningclubs.org.uk and request a Disclosure Form.

2  A senior member of your club should assist your club member to complete the form. Before completion of the form the applicant must show proof of identity documents, as specified in the Application form, to the senior club member. When completing the form request an enhanced disclosure in Question 63. Answer question 68 Yes. Do not complete Section Y. Use Black ink. Return the completed Form to the ARC Secretary at the address in 1 above

3 The ARC Secretary will forward the form to the Registered body used by ARC for DBS Applications –ProCRB. ARC will pay ProCRB charges. ProCRB will forward the Application to the DBS. DBS will send the result of the Application direct to the Applicant

4 Clubs will need to ask Applicants to show them the result of the DBS check